Reeves Golf Course is the place we call home. A creation of architect William Diddle in the year 1954-55 over approximately 210 acres of almost completely level land owned by Lunken airport and leased by the Cincinnati Recreation Commission, this course seems to be favored among senior golfers. Typical season starts the second week in April and ends the second week in October. Rounds of nine holes are played biweekly, with the front nine holes played on Monday and the back nine on Friday. Starting times are from 7:30am to 9:30am. Golfer are expected to pay for the round of golf (check with Reeves golf course for present senior rates) at the Course Club House, and then register with the Par Hopers starters within. Foursome are formed as members register, unless there is a request for specific preferences as to playing partners. Of course we encourage members to golf in different foursomes for the opportunity to meet everyone in the membership.