2020 Officers and Committees

2020 Board of Directors


President – John Mulshine

1st year

Vice President - Tom Jacob

3rd year

BOD – Dan Ticotsky 

1st year

BOD – Mike Stoyak

3rd year

BOD – Richard Jefferies

2nd year

BOD – Ray Huls

2nd year


Secretary – Ed Basista

Treasurer – Wayne Beavers

Statistician – Mark Bricker

Head Starter – Mike Durr

(May to year end); Tom Jacob (April)


Events Committee:

Rules Committee: Elections Committee:

Terry Dullaghan (Head)

Dick Goin (Head) Tom Jacob (Head)

Tim Dullaghan

Mike Stoyak

Nelson Seip

Bob Dominique

Membership Committee:

Nominating Committee:

Ray Huls (Head)

Richard Jeffries