Par Hopers,


Who’s ready to play some golf?  I think we are all ready to leave last year behind us and start chasing the little white ball down the fairway.  So let’s look at 2021.


We are set to begin league play on Friday April 23, 2021 first tee time 7:30am, and continue through Friday October 15, 2021.  The season schedule is attached to this email.


Remember that beginning this year, if you are 75 years old by April 19, 2021 you have the option of teeing it up from the forward tees.  Once you make that decision you need to stick with it throughout the year to insure handicap consistency.  You still must be 80 years old to be considered a Super Senior.


To avoid a large crowd as the course opens please try to spread out your arrival times and prospective tee times, so that the big gathering outside of the clubhouse, that we are used to seeing, can be minimized.  If we can manage to do this it would be keeping social distancing in mind, and would also keep some of the pressure off of the golf course personnel from that initial surge.


While we would all like to forget COVID-19 and how it impacted all of us, there are still some considerations that must be followed from a government regulation standpoint, CRC standpoint, and personal safety standpoint.  Here is how those things will impact league play.


1.       As you arrive golfers should form their foursomes on their own outside of the clubhouse in preparation of going to the starter’s table. We will be allowed to have a maximum of 10 Par Hopers in the clubhouse at one time.  This would be 2 people working at the starter’s table, and one foursome at a time at the starter’s table.  When that foursome has completed its dealings with the starter, they would go to the clubhouse desk to pay for greens fees, cart fees, etc. and then leave the clubhouse.  As that is occurring, the second foursome would enter the clubhouse, and begin interaction with the starter.  When the second foursome is done at the starter’s table they would then move to the clubhouse desk to pay.  This rotation would continue until all golfers eventually cycle through.  If you are not one of the golfers in the current rotation and have to go to the bathroom, you can certainly do your thing, but don’t hang around in the clubhouse when you are done.


2.       If there is a weather delay or if there is bad weather during the round, you will have to “wait it out” in your car or outside of the clubhouse.


3.       Wear a mask at all times while in the clubhouse.

4.       Carts: The golf cart policy is that two golfers will ride per cart.  There is a possibility that there will be an upcharge for single rider carts.  This is soon to be decided upon.  If an odd number of riders are in a foursome, the upcharge would likely not occur for the single rider. The course is under new management.  Billy Casper Golf became Indigo Golf Partners, and was acquired by Troon Golf.  This is their policy to decide.


Carts are disinfected after each round, so they are safe and ready to go for the next users.


5.       There will be no drinking water provided on the golf course, so if you want access to water during the round, please bring your own.  There will also be no ball washers on the course for our use.


If a member did not pay his dues for the 2020 golf year, or if he requested a refund of dues paid last year, he needs to pay dues for the 2021 golf year. Please mail a check for $25 made out to “Par Hopers Golf Club” to our treasurer, Wayne Beavers:


Wayne Beavers

1351 Mills of Miami Blvd

Milford, Ohio 45150.


Wayne will also accept your check the first few dates of play, but please try to be prompt in paying your dues.  Your league handicap will not be computed, and you will not be eligible for any events until your dues are paid. 


We are looking forward to seeing all of you again and to a great year on the links.


The Par Hopers Board.